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intimate photography is an investment in yourself, for yourself

The Ultimate "You" Experience

Idaho's First Exclusive Boudoir Photography Studio located in Pocatello, Idaho. We love our region and the ability it gives us to reach so many!

We are a sex-positive, body-positive photography studio that embraces all identities and genders. A space for everyone to feel safe and supported, to love their unique beauty. 

Embrace yourself, Invest in yourself

Booking & Investment Guide

We focus on the every day individual, just like you! With our team, and expert posing and lighting everyone can feel beautiful.


So you think you're ready to book a session? Does the process feel a little overwhelming? You're not alone!

Intimate photography is a gift anyone can have and should give themselves. These are a great gift for partners as well. 

There are many boudoir studios out there. Each one unique and provide their own experiences. We are proud to say that we are a full service boudoir studio. We have a dedicated studio space just for our sessions. We also have a hair and makeup artist on site during your shoot to help you get ready and keep you looking amazing throughout your session.


We want this day to be all about you.

This next section we will cover how to get started!



We know you have lots of questions, and we want to make sure that we get you all the information we can. We appreciate that you are doing research and making the best choice for yourself. Our Booking and Investment Guide is going to offer you a ton of information about preparing for your session. What to expect and plan for. 

These session experiences, despite the fun and excitement, are often an emotionally intimate experience for our clients. Our goal is to ensure we tailor this session and experience to you and the uniquely beautiful person you are. 


We want to make sure that we are the best decision or you!


We want to know what we are going to provide you with the session you're not only wanting but also needing. 


While it isn't necessary, we'd love to set up either a quick phone call consultation or in studio consultation. This gives us time to answer any questions you might have about the experience that you are wanting, that may not be covered in the booking/investment guide. 

Once we can determine the best session for you, and what we can do to make it uniquely beautiful and tailored to you. Then we will pick a date for you and get your session fee taken care of either in person, over the phone, or we can send you an invoice as well. Once your session fee is paid we will block our the time in our schedule, studio space, and our hair and makeup artist.




When you're session date arrives you will arrive at the studio and immediately be set down for the pampering to start by one of the best in the area, our hair and makeup artist. 


After your hair and makeup, we will walk you through the studio, look at wardrobe options both that you brought and see if there is anything else from our client closet that we can add. 


Then we will start shooting! We will pose and coach you through each position, and even facial expressions. Help you achieve those steamy, sensual, smoldering looks.


After your session, we will let you get dressed and comfy again. Then we will sit down in the office, pull up all your images and go through them with you. You'll be able to narrow them down, pick your favorites and decide how you will want them displayed. 

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