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January 01, 2020

It has been nearly five years ago since I made a decision that forever changed my life. I underwent gastric bypass surgery on August 13, 2012. I weighed 348 pounds, was miserable, depressed, and unhealthy. I dropped 189 pounds in less than 18 months and still have 40 pounds of excess skin sagging on my body. Though my dress size changed dramatically, I still saw the same big, "ugly" girl I saw in the mirror every day, my entire life. Fast forward to July, 2016. A friend of mine had done a boudoir shoot with Big Sky Boudoir, and showed me her pictures. I was awestruck! She told me that it was the best thing she ever did for herself and for her husband. So, I investigated. In October, I met Brady Doyle and decided to just go for it! The day of my session arrived soon afterward, and I was nervous. There I was, getting hair and makeup done by Whitney Smith, preparing myself mentally to do something I had never before done or considered doing! The results were astonishing, and gave me far more than just a book of pictures! Brady took the first photo and showed it to me. There, on the screen of his camera, was this beautiful, stunning, and even sexy lady looking back at me! The rest of the session passed by in a blur of much the same serendipitous emotion raging within me. The complete professional manner in which Brady went about the session, from start to finish, was calming. He used no filters, and did not touch up my pictures with any program. Whitney took the canvas of my skin and brought out the beauty through a little make-up and hair curling. The pictures were elegant and very tastefully done, bringing my inner goddess to the surface with a little posing and Brady's natural talent for snapping a picture at just the right moment. It took the talents of Brady and Whitney, the raw reality of a camera lens, and my "just do it" decision to change the way I see myself now! That to spite having saggy, baggy skin, I am beautiful, inside and out, in my own right. I would recommend to anyone who has thought about, or who has doubts about, doing this kind of photo shoot to go for it. Do it for yourself first because the power you gain from it is phenomenal, and the results are worth far more than what you will pay for in money. Money gets you the product, but it does not surpass the experience, the empowerment, and the long lasting insight to your own essence.

January 01, 2020

On the surface my story may be like many other women. I've struggled with fluctuating weight and self esteem issues. I'm a veteran, disabled from my service, and went on after to get my Master's degree. But as we know, it's what's under the surface that the true depth of a story lies. I suffered many years of intense violence and abuse. In addition to the common telling me I was ugly and fat (even at 85 pounds being 5' 6"), and that no one would ever want me, he also had a porn issue. Because of this he forced me to pose for pictures for him, when the bruises weren't too bad or the broken bones were healed. Doing boudoir with Big Sky has helped to soothe and provide healing and empowerment in a very real way. Pictures that I chose to do. And that showed me a side of me lovely and strong. These shoots are truly not for our partners. Although it's a great treat for them. The real value in these is what they lend to you, the beautiful strong woman standing in front of the camera. The shoots with you really have helped me lay some of my past to rest.

January 01, 2020

As someone who has shot with multiple photographers I've had a multitude of experiences- ranging from simply awkward, to comedic, to fantastic. All of them were completely unique from one another but there is something about Big Sky that always keeps me coming back for more. It isn't simply the warm and welcoming environment they provide for their clientele, or the beautiful studio that has an infinite number of shooting options for you to choose from. It isn't just the fantastic wardrobe selection they make available (containing items suited to flatter every body type and leave everyone feeling sexy), or accessories they have on hand to add variety to each shot. It isn't simply the attention to detail that is taken when Whitney lovingly applies the most complimentary shades to your face (be the look natural or glam) and styles your hair just so. It's not even the level of absolute professionalism that Brady operates on when capturing your very best angles. It is the package as a whole. Shooting with Big Sky is an *experience* like no other. You will never find another team that will work harder to provide for you that very experience that everyone is looking for. With every step, absolutely everything is done to ensure that you feel comfortable, sexy, and empowered- whether you are shooting full nudes or simply wearing your favorite outfit. Even the most modest and reserved among us can have a session that leaves them feeling like an absolute queen. Those who choose to reveal a little more skin are left the very same, never needing fear that their boundaries will be respected and honored. Big Sky takes into account all of your insecurities- and shows you how beautiful they are. They show you the beautiful, strong woman the rest of the world sees- and makes it easier for you to see her yourself. This is a team of true artists, willing to do anything to make you feel like the piece of art you are. Whether you are doing lingerie, nudes, implied nudes, or bridal, you can rest easy knowing they can unveil the masterpiece that is you. So, take it from me, if you're having hesitations or doubts- put them aside. This is the experience you've been looking for! They can and will answer every question you have and guide you along the way. Thank you Big Sky for ALWAYS making me feel like a bombshell, and helping me love myself just a little bit more! I can't wait until we can shoot again! Love you guys!

January 03, 2023

"I had such an amazing time today with you guys! I was so afraid to do this shoot but they both made me so comfortable!

I will definitely be back for more sessions! Thank you for all you guys did today."

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