Bridal Boudoir, also a gift for yourself

You may have heard that boudoir is the perfect groom’s gift. It is. But you may not realize that this experience is truly a gift for the bride.

Boudoir photography has elevated itself as the “sexiest gift for the groom” not too long ago this new trend really took off rapidly as more and more grooms received these gifts and were left speechless.

Boudoir was once considered too risqué or taboo and it has now converted into what I love it to be… a private celebration of the beauty and confidence of intimacy within a couple. And not just for the couple as a unit, individually for the bride herself as well. It is a must have item.

Wedding preparations are much different than they were even 20 years ago. Luckily now you have pinterest, wedding magazines, and wedding hashtag generators to help assist you with all your planning. With Boudoir you have one more thing made easy on your long to do list. Boudoir is a way to celebrate and document what is becoming one of the most special traditions in womanhood.

The overall anticipation and tradition remains. While our preparations definitely look different, the sweet sentiment swirling in a bride’s heart is all the same as it ever was. She radiates with the hopes and dreams this memorable time inspires. And as a photographer, I love that I get to celebrate and document the bride, aglow with anticipation and rosy with the frantic pace that accompanies this season.

It’s wonderful seeing our brides experiences. She comes to the studio, feeling nervous, but eager for the pampering. She enjoys the confidence boosting experience more than she ever thinks she will, feeling better in her own skin when she leaves, and she romances her groom with this sweet gesture. It’s a win/win. As a boudoir photographer, I feel my job is to enter into that space with her, inspired to create something that represents her beautifully.

Again, I know exactly what you are going through… so much of the wedding prep is about tasks, to-do lists, deadlines. I love that a boudoir session is a time slow down, tune out the must do-dos, and to step into this season by being present. I highly encourage you to do this for your spouse-to-be, but even more so for yourself.

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