Love the skin you are in


Your body wants you to hear this.

Dear beautiful woman,

Please stop bashing the strongest parts of me. Please stop pulling and tugging and sucking in- you’re bloating and hurting me. Please stop hiding me from your loved one. Please stop and hear me.... You are a hero. You don’t notice but I do. Your daughter looks at me and tries to walk like us and wants to LOOK like us but then she sees the faces you distort me into in the mirror. She wonders why something is wrong, but nothing is. Your lover raises an eyebrow when you walk by but you hide me at the pool, you cover me in long leggings and get overheated at fitness centers when it’s warm, you cover me quickly when you’re naked so they can’t see the extra weight, cellulite and stretch marks. You cover your hero, the hero life has built. The very skin that is proof that you are strong, a protector, a nurturer, and that so many are inspired by. But you don’t notice that. You just see the over photoshopped girls in the magazines and think you’re unworthy to show me. What makes a beautiful woman? Am I not worthy of dressing your bones anymore? Should we erase life’s beautiful victories from me..... the reminders your child sees and would touch and ask about if you only let her see how strong women are.... the extra weight your husband loves because you look HAPPIER when you aren’t stressing about being a size 2 or 6 or 8, because you’re working out and eating well anyways and he doesn’t care about extra weight... but you don’t know that. I am proud of you, worthy woman. Proud of you for healing during things that have scarred us, proud of you for making time for big hugs for those who need it, proud of you for the cookies that warm our hands that you bake just to see others smile, proud of you for the long work days, the laughs that bring joy to others, for taking time to moisturize and protect me from the sun when you remember to care for yourself..... but I am so sad.... that you can’t look at me with confidence and happiness .... because that’s the woman I know you are. Sincerely your forever friend, Your skin. ❤️

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